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Why Join DDCE ?


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Why to Join DDCE?

An individual accepts two things very readily; the things that fulfill their basic or immediate needs and the things that they dream of. The first things indicate his / her physical needs and the other type of things implies more of psychological needs. If both the kinds of needs are fulfilled, that thing becomes an ideal want of an individual. Any institution advances on the base of the aforesaid principle. We are proud to be claimed as an ideal institution making continuous and rigorous attempts to fulfill both, your needs and dreams. Let’s get acquainted with the different features of DDCE that has established it as a unique institution of education.

What you need and dream
What we have, to fulfill your need and dream

1. Your need of quality education and excellence

1. We have well qualified and knowledgeable teachers.

2. We have well advanced technology and ample of resources like computers with latest software, enriched library, elaborative and appropriate instructional material.

3. Innovative ways of teaching-learning process

4. Quality assignments and appropriate guidance for them by teachers through workshops.


5. Guest lectures by the learned people in different fields


6. The most importantly, we have IQAC i.e. Internal Quality Assessment Cell that keeps on working to discover the effective and fruitful ways of teaching-learning process. Besides, it strives to acquire the best performances of students in exams.


7. Under IQAC, we have another Cell named Research Cell that functions to discover the researchable topics to be given to students in order to uplift them to the level of being researcher.

2. Your need of a good infrastructure

1. We have airy and spacious class rooms in more than sufficient number

2. We have a well developed computer laboratory with more than sufficient number of computers and with latest soft ware packages.

3. We have a very enriched library with a quality books, magazines and journals related to the subjects as well as related to extra knowledge required in the field of education

4. We have a girl’s room

5. We have all required hygienic facilities like rest rooms for boys and girls separately.

6. We have ample of teaching machinery like Black Boards of appropriate size and in good condition in all the class rooms, enough number of display boards and comfortable seating furniture etc

7. We have facility of printers and photocopy machines so that the students need not go out of the campus for the purpose.

8. We have hostel facilities for boys and girls separately with all required facilities.

9. We have a very huge lush green campus available to organize any event which gives a pleasant and graceful look to the institution. This proves to be a fascination to the institution for students and visitors.

2. Your need to avail necessary flexibility

1. We have flexibility in terms of selection of language of answers (in Hindi, Gujarati and English) in examination, assignments, projects and seminars and other internal assessment activities.

2. Teachers are proficient enough in all the three languages viz. Hindi, Gujarati and English

3. Your need to be taken care & to be understood

1. We have a very affectionate teachers to take care of the students’ needs and are always ready to help them even in the time after the college hours

2. We have the principal who is very easily approachable to the students.

3. We have CWDC (College Women Development Cell) to help the female students in their academic and personal matter.

4. We have the Mother Teacher and Father Teacher who act as local guardians and look after the needs of girl students and boy students staying in hostel.

5. First and foremost, we have a very congenial and conducive environment in the institution as it gets transcended right from the management that is very age old and renowned for its social welfare work. An affectionate bonding is experienced between teachers and students, between teachers and the principal, amongst students, amongst the teachers and between the teachers and non teaching staff.

Contd…. Your need to be taken care

6. We have Guidance & Counseling Cell to provide counseling services to the needy students in terms of academic problems or personal problems.

7. The most important thing is that we have a Placement Cell that helps you in finding a right job for you. It also helps you earn while you learn if it is needed.


1. We have seminars, workshops, some novel ways for teaching – learning process in which the students get opportunities to develop their presentation and communication skills

4. Your need to be developed personally as a teacher and as an individual through receiving certain exposure and opportunities

2. We have different committees for various tasks like Assembly Committee, Discipline committee,CulturalCommittee, Sushobhan Committee etc wherein the students get exposure to shoulder on the responsibilities and realize as well as exhibit their innate abilities.

3. We have several celebrations and functions wherein the students prepare some cultural programmes on their own and even play the role of decision makers for that. They themselves decide the number of items to be performed, sequence of the programme and anchoring. Here, the substaintial number of participation is taken care of by the teachers by encouraging the silent students to take part in them.

4. The students are taken on the visits of some of the very important local institutions that owe the unique objective. With these, the students are made aware of the noble goals.

5. There are number of guest lectures by very learned people in the different fields that prove to be very enriching to the students as well as there are number of guest performances.

6. Proper feedback in a genuine way to grow as a teacher after every practice lessons

5. Your dreams for your imaginary institution to be…..

  • A kind of education that is very interesting

  1. We have very innovative and dynamic teachers who make the teaching –learning process very interesting and enriching with their profound knowledge and with the employment of novel ways.

  2. We have very advanced pedagogy to make the process interesting.

  • A kind of place where you experience freedom

3. We give our student – teachers freedom to put forth their suggestions

  • A kind of place where you experience homely feelings

4. We have affectionate teachers, the mother teacher and the father teacher to look after the students.

  • Where you are appreciated and recognized for your potentials

5. We give reinforcement to the students verbally as well as by giving away awards and prizes to them for their academic as well as non academic achievements.

  • Where you enjoy your say / where you owe the power to modify the things as per the requirement

6. We have a system of suggestions box wherein the students put their suggestions and they are considered and implemented reasonably.

  • Where you experience yourself to be the dignified person that in turn makes you realize your worth.

7. Everybody is given a due respect in the institution. Use of derogatory language is strictly prohibited in the institution.

Thus, the institution strives to make you contend and happy by making rigorous efforts to fulfill your needs and dreams. The fascination of the institution is its record of achievements and success in terms of producing good teachers who have been serving in different schools and colleges now.

On joining DDCE, the mirror of your future image reflects that you will be……