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After partition in 1947, India got independence but lost Sindh District to Pakistan and Sindhis were the highly suffered population. To resettle Sindhis, Bhai Pratap Dialdas in 1949 founded Adipur near Gandhidham-Kandla Complex, He took Land from Government on lease basis and formed ‘ The Sindhu Resettlement Corporation Ltd.’

Under the management of the SRC Ltd,. Adipur was developed as a well-planned city. It has both Gandhi Samadhi and Bhai Prtatap Dialdas’s Samadhi.

Gandhidham Maitri Mandal situated at Adipur is the backbone of socio cultural, education structure of this twin city i.e. Adipur and Gandidham. Rev. Padmashri Dada Hundraj Dukhayal was a versatile genius and a national hero. He dedicated his whole life at the alter of Bharat Mata and was staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He was very close associate of Maharshi Vinoda Bhave and was with him in his bhoodan movement and also traveled with him nearly the whole of India on foot. Educational upliftment of the Kachchh region was the ultimate goal of Dada Dukhayal. When Dada Dukhayal Didi Krishna Bhambhani along with a group of devoted workers proceeded their march towards this noble cause, Kaka Pribhdas Tolani & his family joined them t spread the light of knowledge throughout the region. Their unmatched contribution in higher education field is noteworthy.

Dada Dukhayal College of Education was established in 2004 as the fulfillment of the dream of late Dada Hundraj Dukhyal. Over 3 years of existences, Dada Dukhyal College Of Education has renewed its pledge to become a top class institute by rising its internal capabilities and networking with other institute of repute and industries giants. 
The present economic scenario of Kachchh after highly destructive disaster like Cyclone on 9-6’98 and earthquake on 26-1-’01 declares it as the fastest developing region in the country. The investment in this region has soared up to Rs. 15000 Crores and has amplified the development of the Kachchh region and posted it as the most rapidly developing region of the country. The richness of culture heritage of Kachchh takes you to the amazing journey of infinite colors, creativity and unconquerable human craft work. Different historical craft of Kachchh such as Embroidery, Mud and Mirror work done by artisans of different traditional tribes are center of attraction for national and international tourist.

KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj is just 52 Kms. from Gandhidham – Adipur